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Dude, if you haven't seen this shit, click it NOW. It's fucking awesome.

"-- singer Vaden Lewis of the Toadies, drummer Taz Bentley of Reverend Horton Heat, bassist Casey Orr of GWAR, guitarist Casey Hess of Doosu and Texas scenester guitarist Corey Rozzoni -- the Brothers are something of a supergroup... Band members pore over their Web site, routinely offering tour reports, chat-room updates and other treats. Not exactly supergroup behavior."

Rolling Stone Interview:

LAMF's, yo:

"In my eyes, our street teamers are the ones who helped Vaden and I decide to make a run at the biz one more time," states band co-founder Taz Bentley. They are worthy of a title (L.A.M.F.'s) and they wear it proudly ... and lucky for us they are growing in numbers daily!" Adds Lewis, "Our L.A.M.F.ers have been busting their ass since the very beginning. They download and distribute flyers, promote the band on the web and all sorts of things." Perhaps that's why The Burden Brothers are finding success on the road and on the radio as independent artists without the major label madness."

Virgin Megastore Magazine Interview:

Excuse me while I squeal--
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